New expectations towards Authority

interaction demands responsiveness.
responsiveness demands a certain responsibility,
taking responsibility leads to sharing objectives

levelling out authority is seen everywhere
businesses thrive on culture, no longer on structure
businesses are becoming more dynamic, flat structured, …networked

we used to build on authority, unquestioned, top-down structures of power and management.
Now authority gets distributed, and transformed into shared responsibility. (cfr Zappos company turnaround). To steer shared responsibility, we are looking for goals & purposes, that impact our close life circles.

Transactional psychology.

My friends at Innate Motion brought up the background of transactional psychology in perspective to this idea of authority. It pictures a background on how our relationships evolve.

Brands used to be parent-child, but now ar forced towards parent-adult.
(@in8: how, driver, implications,… examples? )

@dirk/ what is needed to alter this relation towards adult, and is digital/PIAH part of this ‘what is needed’